The Program

Pearls of Wisdom and From Boys to Men Program
Social Etiquette and Character Development Program for Youth

Pearls of Wisdom & From Boys to Men program was created by Faatimah Gamble, Co-founder of Universal Companies to provide a consistent mentoring for youth, every Saturday, from October to June, for boys and girls ages 11 to 18, who are categorically identified as being disadvantaged youths, due to their proximity to violence, poverty and other disruptive behavior. The goal of the Pearls of Wisdom & From Boys to Men program is to expand the awareness of each participant, improve decision making abilities, and introduce them to concepts and skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

This year Pearls of Wisdom and From Boys to Men program has expanded to the following site locations:

Universal Audenried Charter High School (3301 Tasker St. Philadelphia, PA 19146)
Universal Bluford Charter School (5720 Media St. Philadelphia, PA 19131)
Program Manager: Sonni King

Pearls of Wisdom Program Facilitators:
Jeri Johnson, M.S. Ed., M.A. Sp. Ed. (Universal Audenried Charter High School)
Mackyna Barnes (Universal Bluford Charter School)

From Boys to Men Program Facilitators:
Ameen Akbar (Universal Audenried Charter High School)
Garron Gibbs (Universal Audenried Charter High School)
Pearl of Wisdom Alumnae Association
The Pearls of Wisdom Alumnae Association is an extension of the Pearls of Wisdom program. The Alumnae Association aims to prepare young women to serve the community and compete in a global society through scholarship and protocol.

For questions about the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and ‘From Boys to Men’ programs contact:

Sonni King, M.A.

Wellness Program Manager


“From Boys to Men” – Robert Archie, Jr., Esq. greets program participants at the 2012 CEO Luncheon hosted by Duane Morris, LLP.


“From Boys to Men”- Ameen Akbar practices formal greetings with program participant.


“Pearls of Wisdom and From Boys to Men”- Program participants serve as volunteers at Kwanzaabration with Mr. Kenneth Gamble


“Pearls of Wisdom” – Faatimah Gamble gives guidance to participants on proper dining etiquette.