The Gambles

When they wed in November of 1990, both Kenneth and Faatimah Gamble knew that they wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. However at the time, neither knew exactly how great of an impact their union would have on not only each other, but a community at large.

Despite all of his success, Kenneth knew that there was more he planned to do with his fame and fortune. Drugs, crime and poverty had infested the streets of South Philadelphia. Something had to be done to save the community, but it wasn’t until he met Faatimah that the plan he envisioned, later to be named the “Universal Plan” came into fruition.

After marrying in 1990, the two began their mission of restoring South Philadelphia. In 1991 the Gambles co-founded a community development corporation called Universal Community Homes. Since its inception this organization has enacted the “Universal Plan”. Throughout the years, Universal enacted this plan by not only providing affordable housing to hundreds of families in the City of Philadelphia, but with an Education Management Office that currently manages eight Philadelphia schools, and two in Milwaukee.

In 1996, Faatimah founded The Wellness of You, Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission of introducing healthy lifestyle practices to underprivileged and medically underserved communities. For over ten years, this organization has produced workshops, programs, and events that encourage people to live well. Programs and events such as: The Annual Wellness Breakfast for Men, the Tree of Life Awards, Pearls of Wisdom/From Boys to Men program and the Children’s Health Fair all aim to rebuild the community from the inside out by encouraging the community to make healthy decisions. In 2010, The Wellness of You, Inc. merged with Universal Companies to provide Universal scholars with positive growth experiences that will benefit them both in and out of the classroom.

Kenneth and Faatimah have far from realized all of their dreams. In fact, Universal Companies has expanded its community redevelopment initiatives with plans of continual growth. The Gambles remain humble and determined to do their part in improving the quality of life of those less fortunate.

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